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2 Week Adventure Trip - Boomi to Lightning Ridge to Alstonville

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

This trip is flexible in that you can join in and leave as your time availability permits provided I am aware of your travel plans which will help me with the planning of events.

The meeting point for the trip will be at Boomi on Friday 1st September. Everyone will make their own way to Boomi which is 83klms south-west of Goondiwindi. Please remember that there is no unleaded petrol in Boomi, only diesel, so please fuel up in Goondiwindi before heading out to Boomi. Tickets have been booked for 1st September, so the trip will continue from Boomi on Saturday 2nd September. Gary and I will be leaving home on Tuesday 29th August and you are welcome to join us along the way for overnight stops at Felton, Sandy Creek Hotel 8ks west of Warwick, Yelarbon and then into Boomi on Friday 1st September.

The plan for the trip will be to travel from Boomi to Lightning Ridge via Thallon and Goodooga. We will spend 4 nights in Lightning Ridge. From there we will continue on with stops at The Grawin, Burren Junction, Pallamallawa, Tingha, Mann River to Secret Lake Retreat near Lawrence and finishing the trip at Alstonville. I am working on a more detailed itinerary which will be sent to everyone who expresses interest in the trip.

The trip will have paid, low-cost and free camping stops, some powered, some unpowered, some with facilities, some without, some with drinking water and some without, so basically you will need to be a little bit self-sufficient for some days of the trip. All camp spots are pet friendly.

On the trip you will enjoy murals, artesian hot pools (several along the way), all things ‘opal’, art galleries, museums, sitting by a waterhole/creek/river, relaxing, soaking in a hot pool, enjoying the outback sunsets and sunrises (if you get up early enough) and hopefully a couple of pub meals along the way. You will need some winter woolies - the days will be low 20's but overnights could be as low as 8 degs.

The trip will end on Saturday 16th September at Alstonville NSW (west of Ballina) with a final pub dinner and participants can make their way home on Sunday 17th September or continue their travels from there. Alstonville to Brisbane is approx 200ks.

I have heard from a few members expressing their interest in the trip, so if you haven’t contacted me as yet, please do so as soon as possible to assist with the planning. Some bookings will need to be made asap, especially in Lightning Ridge. If you have any queries, please give me a call. You are still welcome to come on the trip even if you don’t want to attend the B.A.T.S. Theatre Restaurant night.

Carolyn Farnell


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