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Nanango Country Markets

Thursday 2nd to Monday 6th February.

Thursday 2nd February – meet at Esk at 9.30am for morning tea departing at 10.00 am for lunch at the Linville Pub. Overnight at free camp across the road from the Linville Hotel.

Friday 3rd February 2023 - we intend to stay at the free camp Lions Park Nanango. Then on Friday night an evening meal at the RSL Club, if this suits everyone!

Arrangements will be made for RSL Courtesy Bus to drive us to and from the Club.

Saturday 4th February our plan is to visit the Nanango Country markets to see just what goodies we carn't live without.

Free camping at Broadwater Reserve on Saturday night. No water or toilet facilities at this site. Stay for 1 night or longer.

Please add your name to the web site, call or email

Des Young 0483 899 525 email

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Archibald’s would like to join you on Friday am will meet you at Nanango free camp

am, also would like to join you all for dinner at the RSL


The Martins will join at Esk 2/2 and RSL at Nanango. See u then


Greg and Robyn will join you at Nanango and RSL


Ray and Marge would love to join you on Thursday and would like 2 for dinner at the RSL. Cheers


We plan to attend. We will arrive at Linville later on Thursday as we have a Probus meeting in am. Will not be attending Linville lunch. Please add us to the list for Nanango RSL. Sounds like a good trip.

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