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What are you Doing for EASTER – the Jeepers are going to Greenup Meeting Place !!

Where’s Greenup Meeting Place you might ask …..

just down the road from Inglewood

Dates: Friday 7th to Monday 10th April 2023

This is a bush camping on 50 acres – cattle property at Greenup Meeting place, 40 Greenup/Limevale Road, Coolmunda. 15 – 20 sites have been booked in the name of the Queensland Jeepers Club.


  • Pricing: $10 per person / per night Cash only

  • Check in: Between 2pm-4pm Check out: Before 10am - Flexible

  • Firewood: Firewood can be delivered to your campsite for $20. You are also welcome to collect your own firewood on the property, however you must provide your own chainsaw. Our hardwood cannot be cut with an axe.

  • Pets: Pets are permitted with guidelines. To remain at camp at all times. Must be on a leash to walk. Must be cleaned up after.

Things to do:

Inglewood Pub lunch

Bird-watching; fishing; swimming; canoeing/kayaking; photography


· Tobacco museum – Heritage Centre, Inglewood

Lady of the Lake – boutique gift shop on Tobacco Road,

Lake Coolmunda

· Leven K Lavender Farm, 61 Brosnans Road, Inglewood

Please add your name to the list on the forum/website or alternatively send me an email to let me know if you will be attending.

Contact me should you have any queries. Des Young 0483 899 525 or

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Dianne and Peter plus Pablo will be there


Greg and Robyn would like to attend


David and Julia are looking forward to enjoying Easter at Greenup.


Bill, Julie and Shane will be there


Looks interesting, hope the fish are biting. We plan to attend

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