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Code of Conduct

To ensure the best possible experience for all, Members can sign up and log in to view Members Only pages. Members can add content such as comments and photos to these pages. We have established some basic guidelines for participation in our blog Events content.

You must agree to and abide by this Code of Conduct when contributing to this site. 

We encourage comments that:

  • are respectful 

  • are forcussed on Events and club information, not people

We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

When contributing to the Queensland Jeepers Inc. website, you agree:

  1. not to impersonate or falsely represent any other person

  2. not to invade the personal privacy of any other person 

  3. not to abuse, stalk, harass, threaten or violate the legal rights of others

  4. not to add content that is misleading, deceptive or false

  5. not to add content that is defamatory or libellous or likely to damage the reputation of any person, group of people or organisation

  6. not to use insulting, threatening or provocative language or language that is hateful 

  7. not to add content that includes obscene, offensive or inappropriate language or material

  8. not to use the website to conduct any illegal activity or solicit the performance of any illegal activity

  9. not to add any text or other material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others or reveals confidential information

  10. not to spam your contribution to the website by sending multiple copies or versions of it

Making false, misleading or deceptive representations that you are another person or character can amount to a criminal offence and give rise to civil liability.

In addition,  we reserve the right to block any members who publish comments that:

  • are personal, including attacking credibility, identity, defamation or harassment

  • are offensive, including profanity, obscenity, racism and abusiveness

  • include unauthorized advertising or promotional materials 

  • interfere with any other user’s right to privacy


For more information see the Queensland Jeepers Club Terms of use.


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